If you remember the 90's, You probably weren't there

Club Tropicana & Vogue, 36 Baron Taylor's Street (Inverness)
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Never forget the nineties! As Robbie Williams once quoted "If your can remember the 90's you probably "were there!" With your Game Boy on one hand and your Tamagotchi in the other, and a Take That album on your CD Walkman. Do you know all the moves to Saturday Night & the Macarena, the words to "the Bartman. Can you remember when Opal Fruits became Starburst. Who were you into Oasis or Blur, 911 or A1. Did you come in from clubbing on a Saturday night and tune in to "The Hitman & Her"

Photos of Vogue

If the 90's were you thing then you must check out Vogue, only this time around you might actually remember some of it...! Vogue has all the feel of a 90's nightclub - Two large bars and a great central dance floor dominate the room, with lasers and psychedelic flashing lights and heart pounding bass, you will soon be transported back in time. Unlike clubs of the 90's we have plenty of seating and booths to accommodate your party or group which you can pre-book online!

Club Tropicana & Vogue, 36 Baron Taylor's Street (Inverness)

Call: 01463 250900 // Email: info@tropicanavogueinverness.com

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